Innoneo is a technology-powered healthcare provider and integrator of consumer-centric health and wellness services across the care continuum - Smart Personalized Health EcosystemSM for every individual

At Innoneo, we are passionate and committed to making a real difference in the lives of people by providing seamless access to value-based integrated healthcare services, thereby dramatically improving their health outcomes and consumer experience while reducing the cost.

Our innovative high-impacting service model is designed and developed to unlock the value throughout the population health pyramid

  • Addressing the unmet needs of healthcare seekers and their changing expectations as consumers
  • Addressing the challenges and gaps of the current care delivery systems and provider models
  • Enabling digital transformation and the overall adoption of emerging tren

Our Innovation -  Smart Personalized Health EcosystemSM,  it is the philosophy and the model of our service.

We have woven value-focused innovation into the DNA of our system from the design and development-to-the delivery of our service. Our consumer-centric integrated healthcare delivery system is connected, networked and collaborative to provide Smart Personalized Health Ecosystem that fits into virtual cycle of innovation.

Our Consumer-centric Integrated Healthcare Delivery System

We are creating the next-generation healthcare delivery system by bringing together Innoneo’s innovative and proprietary constituents including: (i) Integrated omni-channel service delivery points; (ii) Smart care teams; (iii) i-Connected Care Solutions®; (iv) Integrated technology platform; (v) Partner Ecosystem; (vi) Connected data and advanced analytics, and (vii) framework for value-based care delivery; for superior population health management and to provide seamless service on demand across the care continuum through a single-point-of access, when- how-and-where the consumer wants it.

  • 24/7 Access
  • Availability In-Person/ Digital On-Demand
  • Connected & Coordinated
  • Comprehensive & Contextual
  • Proactive & Predictive
  • Optimized Value & Experience

Our Purpose – The goal of all our activities is to bring seamless access to personalized health and wellness services within the reach of every individual. We strive to be the most trusted healthcare service through clinical excellence and transparency for the best health outcome, consumer experience, and value for every individual every time.

Our journey to date has set the foundation for a unique healthcare delivery system that we believe will transform the way healthcare is delivered. We are gearing-up to launch our integrated health and wellness services in international markets, creating new opportunities and delivering value to all stakeholders.

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